EEE: Kingston faces careful choices – Wicked Local Kingston – Kingston, MA

   KINGSTON – With three species of mosquito having tested positive for Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) in Kingston, precautions continue to be encouraged.

  Culiseta melanura, Uranotaenia sapphirina and Coquillettidia pertubans are three species of mosquito that tested positive Monday, Sept. 1, for EEE.

  To protect the public, the Plymouth County Mosquito Control Project conducted town-wide ground spraying the early morning hours of Sept. 5. Also, the town’s ball fields, which include all the public schools and athletic complexes, were to be sprayed again Friday morning, Sept. 12, and again the morning of Friday, Sept. 19.

   According to a statement from Board of Health, the DPH has raised the EEE threat level to “moderate” in Kingston. Moderate means that EEE occurred in that area within the last year and/or there is EEE in mosquitoes in that area now.

EEE: Kingston faces careful choices – News – Wicked Local Kingston – Kingston, MA.

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