Kingston: Humanitarian Mission to Haiti

By WATD Web Editor

Later this month, Sarah Coppenrath, a college student from Marshfield, will be traveling to Dandann and Duverger in Haiti, about 50 miles from Port au Prince with numerous other missionaries. This trip is to assist the villagers in the ongoing construction of a medical center. This medical center will bring care to the people within the villages; allowing for women to give birth in a safe environment, the performance of procedures including blood work, dental care, eye exam and x-rays. This clinic will help to save countless lives and give the people of Dandann and Duverger a place closer to home for treatment rather than walking many hours to find help.

She became aware of this opportunity through Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church in Kingston, Massachusetts. This mission is part of “Mission Haiti”, under the direction of “Movin’ with the Spirit” ministries founded by Sean Forrest from Conneticut. Throughout the past several years, numerous individuals have given time, money and resources to make this mission a reality. Through past missions they have been able to complete …read more

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