Marshfield: Officials support Pratt Property subdivision

By John Penny

Marshfield Selectmen met Monday night and approved a proposal that subdivides the historic Pratt House property.

The subdivision includes the Pratt house and the barn on 1.6 acres of the 37 acre Pratt property, located on the corner of South River and Willow Streets.

Marshfield Community Preservation Vice-Chair Tom Whalen said it’s the first step of a larger effort to preserve the historic Pratt Buildings.

“The grand plan is to save the house. The house is a 17th century house, with an 18th and 19th century addition. The barn is a 19th century barn – it’s a good size – 40 x 16 feet and it’s quite big. It’s the last intact saltmarsh farm in Marshfield. All the rest of them were broken up years ago. The Pratt family has saved this for years. It’s 37 acres – it’s a good size. We know that we did saltmarsh farming on the land surrounding the river, so I think it’s a good save for the town,” he said.

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