Middleboro: Owner/tenants get OK to start eviction proceedings

By Alice Elwell

For over seven years Robert Malcolm, a tenant of Edgeway Mobil Home Park, has refused to pay rent and instead deposited his monthly payment of $290 into a land restoration trust fund that he established as the beneficiary.

On Monday night, Middleboro selectmen, acting as the rent control board, agreed enough is enough, and ignoring town council’s advice, voted 4-1 to let the eviction go forward.

Town council advised the board delay voting because Malcolm was not notified of Monday’s hearing because he was not accepting his mail.

Attorney Adam Bond said the owners made a reasonable attempt to notify Malcolm.

Selectmen noted this week they received a copy of Malcolm’s latest payment to the trust, which was post marked from Miami, but had a Lakeville post office box as a return address.

Selectmen Stephen J. McKinnon said the town’s regulations require a certified letter be sent, and it’s Malcolm’s reasonability to forward his own mail. He said Malcolm had a moral obligation to take care of himself and make sure he picked up his mail.

Last year the tenants bought the park and want Malcolm to pay …read more

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