Norwell: Selectmen Meet Wednesday

By David Skill

Norwell’s Interim Town Administrator Pete Hechenbleikner said selectmen will meet tonight to approve contracts for a number of town officials;

“Many of our employees are in a union, these are individual contracts with certain individuals.  We are looking at the finance director, the fire chief, the police chief, and the deputy police chief.  These are contracts for three years, some of them are for two years.  It spells out what their salaries will be and the terms of their employment such as vacation and sick leave and so forth.”

Hechenbleikner says the town offers a so-called “Senior Tax Work Program”, and tonight the board will be discussing how much funding is needed and how the program operates;

“We have a program that allows seniors who apply and are approved for the program to work at a minimum wage rate and earn up to $1000 per year, which then goes to offset their property taxes.  So they have to be a homeowner and the priority here is for people with limited income.”

Hechenbleikner also said the town has spent more than $500,000 already on snow removal this …read more

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