Scituate: Petition article requests town funding for seawall repair

By John Penny

Members of the Scituate Coastal Coalition appeared before the town’s board of selectmen Tuesday night, to request their support for a citizen’s petition article to fund seawall repairs.

Coalition Members Dave Ball and Bill Graham are trying to drum up support for the article, which would appropriate $2 million for seawall engineering studies and designs, that would then be presented to state and federal authorities for possible funding.

Scituate Coastal Coalition Member Bill Graham told WATD that something needs to be done about the town’s deteriorating seawalls.

“The cement in the seawalls are pulverizing. We’ve had three breaches in the last three years and as you walk around town, especially from the ocean-side looking at the seawalls, they look like gingerbread.”

However, Selectman Chair John Danehey said there’s not enough money available, and he just can’t support the $2 million request.

“I can’t agree to say that we ask $2 million from this budget. I can’t support that. The question is, where’s it going to come from? It has to be from another debt exclusion override, or borrowing that taxpayers are going to have to realize that …read more

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