Scituate: Selectmen support planning board 40R zoning meeting

By John Penny

Scituate selectmen voted Tuesday night to give their support for the planning board to hold an informational meeting, regarding a proposal for the town to adopt 40R zoning.

Scituate’s Town Planner, Planning Board Chair and Economic Development Commission Chair appeared before to request their blessing for meeting.

The proposal is for a 40R Smart Growth Overlay District for Greenbush.

40R gives developers by-right zoning and increases 40B affordable housing from 15 percent to 20 percent of a project.

The town would also receive money as an incentive from the state.

However, Selectman Chair John Danehey voiced some serious concerns regarding the proposal and said, “One of the biggest problems I’ve seen when I was on the zoning board was that people would come in through the special permit process and say, “You’re not to legislate design.” So (developers say) I’m going to come in and I’m going to maximize every square inch. I’m going to fill up that box. So I’m going to build it up, as ugly as I want, but I’m going to get it. Now if you have a matter of right and come …read more

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