SimplePie 1.3 “Boysenberry” is now available!

By Ryan McCue

SimplePie 1.3 is now available! This release is our first to be PHP 5-only, and this brings with it a strengthened code base. A huge number of bugs have been fixed, along with plenty of new features. SimplePie 1.3 is almost completely backwards compatible with 1.2, so you have no excuse not to use it!

One of the biggest changes with this release is the dropping of legacy support for PHP 4. SimplePie 1.3 requires at least PHP 5.2.0 to run, and we recommend 5.3+ (as some versions of 5.2 are known to be buggy).

API Changes

With a new version comes some changes to the API, with features being added and legacy items being removed.

One of the most important changes is that the SimplePie constructor no longer supports arguments. In the past, we’ve run in to a lot of issues with this feature, so we’ve decided to remove it. This may cause some breakages in your code, so watch out for this.

When using multifeeds with SimplePie, the SimplePie::error() method now returns an array (indexed by the number URL which failed). This should make working with invalid feeds easier.

If you’re using a custom caching system, it’s now much easier to use. …read more

Via:: SimplePie 1.3 “Boysenberry” is now available!


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