SimplePie is ceasing development

By Ryan Parman

A little over 5 years ago – July 20, 2004 to be exact – I posted the very first public version of SimplePie as a set of functions that sat on top of MagpieRSS, in an effort to make RSS parsing even easier and more accessible to PHP developers around the world. Since that time, SimplePie has become the de-facto RSS/Atom parsing software for PHP. The software is in use by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, is integrated into more third-party software than I can keep track of, and has been used in everything from blogs and wikis to sites powered by some of the largest brands in the world.

A couple of years ago I co-founded my first company and that has ended up taking a large portion of my time. As part of that, I’ve also released a new open-source project called CloudFusion (formerly Tarzan) that is beginning to take the Amazon Web Services and Cloud Computing world by storm. Geoffrey has spent a lot of time in school, building tools to help the HTML 5 community, and now has a gig working for Opera. There quite simply isn’t much time for …read more

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